Saturday, December 1, 2012

A little prick for a prick.

Ha ha ha, ho, ho. ho, hee, hee, hee. The dad here thinks he is sooooo funny. At times I admit his tormenting of the kids is funny. At least I think it is. But tonight the asshole went too far. The instruction book that I brought for the family clearly states that no one is to touch me. So what does the balding bastard do? He yanks me off the top of the tree where I was perched keeping an eye on the kids. You know an Average Elf, just doing his job. He then proceeded to horseshoe me. What the fuck??!! He grabbed me off the tree. He grabbed my arms in one hand, my legs in another, straddles my body and then drags my body back and forth over his frigging dick! Who the hell does that? The kids are screaming and start to cry, dad is laughing like it was the funniest thing ever. Mom just rolled her eyes, shook her head and went back to the book she was reading. She doesn't know it but I seen her take the shot of After Shock when she went into the kitchen to refill her mug with some more tea. (Even better she didn't close the liquor cupboard door all the way. Tonight's gonna be a good night).

Well I have a little payback for daddy No Bucks here. He has to get up at like 5am on a Saturday morning in this frigid tundra to go to work. He won't be too happy when he wakes up in the morning goes out to his car and notices the surprise I left for him.

No one fucks with me and gets away with it!

Now where did mom leave that thimble? I have an open bar with no cover charge to get to.

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