Friday, December 14, 2012

Poor Susie

Poor, poor sweet Susie. She had her magic revoked and was tossed out of her home. She even got banned from the North Pole. No one is saying what she did to receive the harshest punishment of all,  but I have it from a real good source that Mrs. Claus lost her shit on her when she seen Susie kissing Santa Claus underneath the mistletoe last night. Well a couple of nights ago actually, last night just sounded better.You know like that song the people sing about mommy kissing Santa Claus.

 A few of us got the surprise of our lives when we got together for Chip's bachelor party last night.
Susie was the ummm entertainment! Boy was her face as red as the suits we are forced to wear. When she seen us there. Many, many years ago we had a little thing going on. I will tell you this that girl sure knew how to work a pole. Maybe that is why Santa has been extra jolly lately. I just hope that this little spat at the Pole doesn't affect Christmas this year. 

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