Saturday, December 8, 2012

Wow, everything really IS on the internet

So in a way I got last night off as the family took an overnight trip for big sister's cheer competition. I got bored and jumped on-line. I found the most interesting site. I never knew there were other kinds of elves. The computers at the North Pole told us that only kind of elves out there are us, ones that make shoes, and those that live in trees and make cookies. Never did it show anyone tall elves with long flowing hair. Elves who ride tigers. Elves who have long legs that go up to their neck. Elves that hardly wear any clothing. Warrior elves who don't take any shit from anyone. Elves that can beat your ass. Oh how I wish that this tall goddess would beat my ass. Speaking of beating I got to go umm make some cookies.

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