Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Sneaked out early

Figured what the hell and cut out of here early tonight. I sent Santa a text saying that one of the kids is sick and I looks like they will be up all night so I won't be able to sneak away since they were laying on the couch and planned on sleeping there all night.

I couldn't wait to get out of here and meet up with Kitty, the girl from the other night. She had said that she had a birthday surprise for me. Can I say BEST BIRTHDAY PRESENT EVER!? Holy shit this is one crazy chick. But crazy in a good way. I head over to her apartment and she had a little surprise party planned for me. Her and two of her friends were having a slumber party and I was invited to join them to bust a nut or two. Have I mentioned how glad I am I got this one's number.

Even better they didn't expect me to hang around afterwards. Told me to go out with my friends for some Krampusnact fun. 

For those that don't know about the krampus, they are demon like creatures that punish the bad childern on the eve of St. Nicholas' Day. The krampus capture the naughty children, put them in his sack and carries them away to his liar.  
This is the traditional image of a krampus. No wonders great granny went for him with a tongue like that, whips and chains I bet he drove all the girls crazy. Now a days it is an excuse to knock back a few drinks, get dressed up in a costume, and wander the streets scaring little children that happen to be out and beating random strangers with sticks. Sometimes even going door to door of local homes where it is customary to give the demons some schnapps. I do love me some cinnamon schnapps. It is like trick or treating for drunks.   

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