Friday, July 5, 2013

Woohoo things that go BOOM in the night!

Hello boys and girls, it has been awhile since you last seen me I know. But I am alive and well and on a mini vacation, suspension same thing. I don't have to work. No Christmas in July for this elf. 

How did that happen you may wonder. Many people don't realize this but July starts the Christmas season for us. Just watch in no time at all you will start seeing trees, decorations and all that shit popping up in a store near you. While many of my little friends are tap tap taping away making toys for the good little girls and boys. I wanted to blow off some steam and blow some shit up. So in my spare time I was making something for those boys and girls with some balls. 

LMAO was the fat boy surprised last night when I lit up the North Pole well like the Fourth of July in America. (Hey it is the land I come from do not judge me.) The elves working in the stalls were literally up to their necks in reindeer shit. It was fucking hilarious. I'll have to remember to do this again when that asshole Brad is on mucking duty. I did manage to put a few away for a rainy day.

Well since now that I have some free time maybe I will see you around a bit more.

Peace out!