Friday, November 30, 2012

Well it is a start.

I was able to quickly jump on-line here while mom was giving the youngest a bath and check out my elf-mail. I was pleasantly surprised to see that maybe, just maybe some of my fellow co-workers are coming to their senses about how we as elves have been getting the short end of  the stick for hundreds of years now. These two decided to take some action. I found this photo waiting for me there. Kudos to Jack and Jill for stepping out of the mold some. Hopefully they will up the ante in the up coming days. I can teach them so much. Stick with me guys and soon we can take over the world! 


  1. This blog is So much fun! We don't have kids yet and hubs is a bit of a Grinch so I don't think he'd enjoy an Elf visitor. SO this is so much fun!

    1. I am so very happy to hear that you enjoy it. Thank you very much.